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Yellow Rosette (set of 3)

Yellow Rosette (set of 3)

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  • Materials: Medium: Paper
  • Width: 7 inches
  • Height: 7 inches
  • Depth: 3 inches

    While, in person, people often guess these pieces are made of metal, they are actually made of upcycled chipboard, such as paper towel rolls, packing material, and notepad backs! The cardboard was cut into wavy strips and assembled in a shape that resembles an old-fashioned rose. The piece was then dyed shades of yellow, using a technique that provides depth of color and allows some of the original brown cardboard color to show through. Then, the entire piece received multiple coats of clear polycrylic.

    This set of 3 pieces, each approximately 7” in diameter would add a great pop of color and source of conversation to one of those hard to fill spaces between a window and a door. That being said, this piece would work well anywhere you are looking for a burst of texture, and the origin of the materials makes this a great conversation piece.

    All of the proceeds from each sale in this shop go towards medical bills for my amazing dog, Harry Monster, who is receiving treatment at Auburn University for cirrhosis of the liver and a rare disorder called hepatocutaneous syndrome. This disorder is treated with expensive, monthly, 8 hour amino acid infusions that take Harry from miserable and immobile to happy and playful! Harry and his whole family appreciate your support!

    This listing is for the piece pictured. Please check my store policies before purchasing.


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