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Colorful Rosette

Colorful Rosette

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  • Materials: Medium: Paper
  • Width: 25 inches
  • Height: 25 inches
  • Depth: 3 inches

    I made this piece because I knew it would be an look fun! I have always drawn inspiration from quilts, and this is my rosette version of a crazy quilt. I pulled together every bit of colored paper I had on hand, cut it into waves, and then kept gluing until the box of paper was empty. Then, I coated the piece several times with clear polycrylic.

    This 25” diameter piece makes a bold statement without being overwhelming. It would be great over a mantle, sofa, bed, or any other place you want big impact, texture, and color.

    All of the proceeds from each sale in this shop go towards medical bills for my amazing dog, Harry Monster, who is receiving treatment at Auburn University for cirrhosis of the liver and a rare disorder called hepatocutaneous syndrome. This disorder is treated with expensive, monthly, 8 hour amino acid infusions that take Harry from miserable and immobile to happy and playful! Harry and his whole family appreciate your support!

    This listing is for the piece pictured. Please check my store policies before purchasing.


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