Marching Band Themed Christmas Ornaments Fundraising

Struggling to find a marching band fundraising idea that truly resonates with parents?

It's time to harness the emotional connection and nostalgic appeal of marching band-themed Christmas ornaments. This will set your band fundraising efforts apart from the rest.

Band boosters find it challenging to discover fundraising ideas that create a strong emotional connection with parents.

Traditional fundraisers often lack the ability to stir up genuine emotions among band parents, resulting in lukewarm participation and limited financial support. Your band program deserves a fundraising initiative that captures the hearts of band parents and creates a lasting impact.

You no longer have to settle...

Welcome to The Inspired Dragonfly, where we bring you marching band-themed Christmas ornaments that ignite a wave of nostalgia, pride, and support.

These stunning ornaments beautifully symbolize the dedication and hard work put forth by band students while celebrating the spirit of the holiday season.

It is very important to me that no instrument be left out...

On our website, you will see 140+ unique, instrument ornaments.

From brass, to strings, piano, woodwinds, percussion, front ensemble, drum majors, band directors. And yes... we give plenty of love to Color Guard, too! :)

Each ornament is hand-drawn by Sadie Young, who is a former Clarinet player and self-described band-nerd (and proud of it!) :) They're made from .25" premium Birch plywood and are between 3" and 4" tall on average.  

Pictured above: Concert Euphonium ornament

As band parents purchase and proudly display these cherished ornaments, they not only contribute to your fundraising goals but also strengthen the bond within the band community. By offering a meaningful product that resonates with band parents, you'll experience increased participation, enthusiasm, and financial support.

 See the review below from a band parent who purchased an ornament:

Marching Band Ornament Review

What makes us different? 

We know band parents are busy with your job, kids, and life in general. Most fundraising requires a lot of effort on your part.

We make it super easy to work with us:  

  • No money needed from the band up front.
  • You only pay for what you sell, and only after your event (30 day payment terms).
  • There is no paperwork and no order forms to keep up with.
  • Your kids also don't have to sell anything themselves (no awkward discussions with friends and family).
  • We donate 50% of the purchase price ($7.50 donated per ornament).  
  • These are gifts people actually want.

How does the process work? 

We keep it simple: 

  1. Request a free sample (includes 5 ornaments). This helps get Band Boosters excited!
  2. Prior to your event or concert, we then ship you the full ornament set including sinage (300+ ornaments in a box)
  3. The day of the event (i.e. a concert, competition) 2 volunteers sell the ornaments in person.
  4. After the event, simply ship the ornaments you didn't sell back to us using the included pre-paid return shipping label.
  5. You then only pay for what you sold. No risk.
  6. Brag to your friends about how much you raised in 1 day with only two people :)

That's it.

How much does the host school make in 1 day if their school hosts a competition (multiple schools)? 

Each school below had an average of 15 bands at the competition they hosted.
See results below from a single day with 2 volunteers: 

  • Oct. 1, 2022 Northgate High School (competition) = $935 profit
  • Oct. 29, 2022 Fayette High School (competition) = $2,067 profit
  • Nov. 5, 2022 Newnan High School (competition) = $2,806 profit

How much does the host school make in 1 day at a concert (host school only)?

School doesn't host a competition? No worries.
See results below for a single band from their Friends and Family event or Christmas concert.
Single day with 2 volunteers: 

  • Nov. 3, 2022 East Coweta High School (1 school only Friends and Family concert) = $542 profit
  • Nov. 11, 2022 Fayette High School (1 school only Christmas Concert) = $392 profit
  • Dec. 13, 2022 Dalton High School (1 school only Christmas Concert) = $500 profit

Including online sales, between October 1 and December 31, 2022 we raised $12,370 for 6 schools!  

Dalton High School Marching Band Fundraiser
Sadie Young (Owner, The Inspired Dragonfly) and Tony Carlson (Dalton Band Booster President, 2022)
$500 raised for Dalton High School Marching Band in 1 day

But wait.. there's more...

Oh... and I forgot to mention as an added bonus, I will create custom ornaments for your school, which are always great sellers. No extra charge.

Like those old infomercials... I've always wanted to say "but wait there's more! ...act now and get Mini Ginsu knives free!" Lol. 


Here are a couple of examples I created for Dalton High School:  

Dalton High School hat ornament
Dalton High School Hat Ornament


Dalton High School logo image
Dalton High School logo Ornament

Wait a minute.. yes, there's more...

We will also include your school on our website. This means anyone, anytime, anywhere can purchase from our online store and donate to your marching band.

We handle everything. We set up the website, collect payment, and ship directly to customers. And we still donate 50% of the purchase price ($7.50 donated per ornament).

All you need to do is promote it! :)

What are Band Boosters saying about working with us?

Newnan High School Band Boosters (Jay Coker) had fun while fundraising from the couch and sharing a chat with me:

Fundraising from the couch

"Sadie is a Godsend."
- Beth Smith
Band Booster President 2022, East Coweta High School

Interested in fundraising with us?

We're currently at 50% of our capacity booked for the year. Don't miss out!

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you fundraise, simply contact us and tell us about your band! We look forward to hearing from you. 


Sadie Young
The Inspired Dragonfly