Does your marching band need fundraiser help in 2023?

Thank you for an incredible 2022! 

When we started our first ever marching band fundraiser in the fall of 2022, we set a goal of raising $5k for local marching bands. This was a lofty goal! 

I had only created a handful of ornaments by September 2022, and didn't know then what to expect. Would people like the instrument ornaments?

But I went all-in every night drawing instruments like a maniac.

Fueled by a passion for representing every instrument and including everyone (band nerd for life!)... hopped up on caffeine... Netflix marathons... helped by my husband, and surrounded by our 4 dogs (my trusty side-kicks who mostly napped on me), I ended up creating over 140 ornaments.


Thanks to everyone's support, we blew away our 2022 goal of $5,000 and raised $12,370 for 6 schools!!  


So now we're going to up our game for 2023... 

In 2023, we need your help to expand from 6 to 30 schools 

There are a TON more bands that need help fundraising in 2023. Our goal this year is to help 30 bands! 

We need your help to suggest which schools we should work with. They can be located anywhere in the US.  

What makes us different? 

We know band parents are busy with your job, kids, and life in general. Most fundraising requires a lot of effort on your part.

We purposely made working with us super easy with this in mind.  

There are no order forms, no chasing people for checks/cash, and no distribution by you. 

  • We also donate 50% of the purchase price.  
  • These are gifts people actually want.
  • No money needed from the band up front OR afterward! (this is because we handle the whole transaction for you) 

We handle everything. We set up the website, and we ship directly to customers.

All you need to do is promote it! :)

How does the process work? 

We keep it simple: 

  1. We start by shipping you a free sample set of ornaments (this helps get the other band booster parents hyped up!)
  2. We create a full, payment-ready website  
  3. You help spread the word about the website on social media, via email, etc. 
  4. Customers then pay directly via the website, and we ship directly to them (no effort needed by you) 
  5. Your Band Booster organization receives a deposit monthly 

That's it.

But wait.. there's more...

Oh... and I forgot to mention as an added bonus, I will create custom ornaments for your school, which are always great sellers. 

Like those old infomercials... I've always wanted to say "but wait there's more! ...act now and get Mini Ginsu knives free!" Lol. 


Here are a couple of examples I created for Dalton High School:  

Dalton High School hat ornament

Dalton High School Hat Ornament


Dalton High School logo image

Dalton High School logo Ornament

Interested in fundraising with us?

I know it's very early in the year, but we're expecting the remaining spots for the 30 bands to fill up by early spring. Don't miss out!

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you fundraise, simply contact us and tell us about your band! We look forward to hearing from you. 

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Sadie Young
The Inspired Dragonfly


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