Dyed Coffee Stir Stick Art… The Sequel

Ready For PolySo, when I made the original coffee stir stick art, I dyed many more stir sticks than I needed for the project.  Had I painted the sticks, I would not have done this, but the dying method allows you to dye a lot of pieces with the same amount of work.  To me, it made sense to make extras.

Frame/CanvasesI wanted to make some smaller pieces to hang in my office… or perhaps somewhere else.  I wanted these pieces to have frames, so I looked to my favorite wood frame/canvases from Michaels.  These are great because you can paint or stain them as you wish.  Then, you can either make art on the outside, or you can use the inside to give the impression of a frame.

Stained Frame/CanvasesI stained the frames, using my favorite Kona stain by Rust-oleum.  I only used one coat, which allows a bit of grain to show through.  If you want a more solid look, try using a second coat.  I always stain underneath where the wood will be glued because this keeps gaps in the wood from standing out.


Partially GluedThe rest of the project went in a similar fashion to the original coffee stir stick art, except for edges.  Since the inside corners of the frame are rounded, I had to make some cuts to fit the curve.  I have been using tin snips for this, but any number of cutting elements will do the trick.


Almost Finished Stir Stick ArtI still have to poly this piece and finish the other three pieces.  I will post the finished project when it is done.  One thing I will say is that it is delightful to use stir sticks for smaller projects.  It’s nice to feel a sense of accomplishment without working for 8 hours!

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