Second Coat Done… At least on part of the deck…

Deck 2nd CoatSo, today we began working on the second coat of white on the deck!  I have gotten the second coat of the inside of the railings finished, and I am pleased with the way it has turned out… despite the nasty sunburn I received in the process!  We still have to finish the second coat on the rest of the deck, and we have to paint the underside of the deck the same color blue that we painted the front porch ceiling.  Hopefully, we can then call the deck done for a few years after that, and my little Betsy won’t have to be painted like she is in the picture above for awhile. 🙂

Once the deck is done, I have several little projects for the front of the house.  I will be building 2 window flower boxes, a new trellis for the rose in the front of the house, and I am REALLY hoping to cover the gable end on the front of the house with cedar shingles… There may also be an arbor building project in there somewhere.  Then, it will be time to redistribute some plants along the front of the house.  After that, I will allegedly sleep until it’s time to redo the kitchen in December… You believe me, don’t you?!

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