Finished Paint and the Incredible Color Changing Door!!

Finished PaintI think we are about finished with the house painting!!  The painters returned to paint the vent on the front of the house white.  I think it gives the house a little something.  Once they were done, it was time to give the house some extra touches of personality… and so it began.

My front door has been red since I painted the house gray, many years ago.  My entire house, inside, is decorated in reds, browns, and neutrals, and I have spent years acquiring beloved red objects.  Of course, when I painted the house I wasn’t thinking of that. I was thinking that a new house color warranted a new front door color, so I decided on blue.  I got a couple colors of paint, decided on one, and painted the door and window trim, with the help of my lovely mother.  That night, I began to think of my quest for red and neutrals… I began to think of the ramifications of changing the front door color and what it would mean to the future of decorating my house… Would I have to start trading all of my red stuff in for shades of blue?  Ok, so clearly this was not a rational thought process, but what can ya do?!  Maybe it was the paint fumes… Oh, and did I mention I started thinking that the blue didn’t look as good as I hoped it would or as good as the red?!  So, the next morning,  I woke up, went to Lowes… again… and bought red paint, in a shade slightly darker than the previous red to make myself feel better about my silliness.  Did I mention my mom is amazing?  She didn’t even complain about the fact that we wasted hours painting blue the day before!  I must say, I think the red looks spectacular, and I am glad to have ditched the blue.  I will use the paint for something else.

One thing we painted blue and left that way was the porch ceiling.  I have always loved stories of blue porch ceilings in the South… Whether I believe it wards of spirits (haints), keeps bugs away, or is just pretty, I am not sure.  I do love the nod it gives to old school New Orleans and Atlanta, and I love that it brightens the formerly dark porch.  I also love that the wood on the front porch is no longer naked!!  The painters did a beautiful job painting it white!

Tomorrow, I will write about the progress on the deck, which has been going on at the same time as the painting touches.  After 3 solid, 8 hour days of painting, I am tired and feeling accomplished!!  Until next time, happy creating!

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